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December 11, 2008



Well that explains the singing of that song this morning. I would have to vote for But Anyway as my favorite song from them.


Bob Braughler

"But Anyway" is awesome. I think I only recently paid attention to the lyrics to "Hook," and that's what did it for me. I can't imagine anyone being able to say "I have nothing to say" in a more artful manner.

Bob Braughler

Same thing happened to me recently with "Try Not To Breathe" by REM. I'd known and liked it for years, but never really paid attention to the lyrics. And then I did, and it kind of blew me away.


I've had numerous people try to convince me to Plurk, Twitter and who knows what else, but it all makes my head hurt -- and that's without my even doing it! But I will see you over on FB to enjoy your blathering.


I've had odd Blues Traveler-related cravings lately, too. Perhaps they just Manchurian Candidate'd us all back in the 90s, and the conditioning is kicking in now. Smart of a band to plan ahead for when the drug-supply ran low.

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